Tips on a good sleep

You really need one - A Good Sleep

Sleep is essential for many reasons, and honestly, who doesn’t want to sleep like a baby?  I, for one, certainly would!  Without enough sleep, our internal batteries deplete due to lack of proper recharge.

Life loses some of its sparkle, and it becomes dull and boring.  At the hint of a chore, your morale drops a level or two, and you tend to drag your feet, while molehills suddenly become mountains.

Eyeing the clock regularly to see how many hours are left before you slide back into your comfortable bed once more, only to spend yet another sleepless night tossing and turning the night away.  When you do finally nod off, the morning after will feel like you’ve only slept for a few minutes, and your time among the living will be one full of stress, and most probably be with a bad mood which lasts for hours.

Can you relate to this?

When counting sheep just doesn’t do it for you, even if you’ve counted over a thousand, you really need something a bit more tangible.  When you count sheep, it’s not the sheep themselves that send you to sleep, for these can be hippos, or even elephants.   These animals  simply take your mind off whatever it is that doesn’t allow you to switch off, or at least try to.

You really need one a good sleep

We all know we need quality sleep, as this is what keeps both our body and mind healthy, however, it’s not always so straightforward.  Lack of proper sleep can upset our body quite drastically, which can easily lead to high blood pressure, and other negative consequences to follow.

Many things hinder us from going to sleep, and we remain awake through the night worrying about this, that, and the other.  If only we were like a machine, that at the flick of a switch, our mind stops thinking.  If it were that easy, life, and sleep, would be wonderful.

In my case, while I’m restlessly looking for elusive sleep, the more I glance at the clock, the more I become anxious as the time to ‘wake up’  gets closer and closer with each second that goes by.  The sad thing about it is that I’m not even asleep yet, and there is no telling when this will happen!  Such a situation will only make me feel even worse, and with such thoughts hammering away in my mind, a good sleep seems so distant, even next to impossible.

It seems like the more I want to go to sleep, the more this simple luxury eludes me.

Finding a comfortable position in the first place proves to be a lost battle in itself, let alone getting some real sleep, and once dormant, how deep will it be?

You really need one - A good sleep tips

There are nights when I do turn off, and slumber, but then I wake up after just a couple of hours feeling all anxious about something which I have no idea what it could be.  I might be subconsciously worried I won’t hear the alarm clock go, but waking up hours before it strikes is not an ideal scenario.

Thank goodness, there are ways to help in getting a good sleep

  • Reading in bed, or doing a puzzle, anything which lets your mind turn off from the day’s hassle.
  • Having a good mattress and a decent pillow help immensely.
  • Listening to your favourite music.
  • Practising Yoga.
  • Taking a bath.
  • A nice cup of warm milk.
  • Nibble on something like cheese, but not chocolate, even though this tastes better than cheese.
  • A gentle evening walk works wonders, especially in the fresh air.
  • A pleasant smell assists us in sleeping better, and for this, there exist scented pillows.
  • In an ideal world, you should, as much as possible, stick to a sleeping-time schedule.  This includes what time you go to sleep, and at what time you wake up as it helps to keep your body-clock in sync.
  • Breathing properly will help you greatly when trying to get to sleep.  The method, pioneered by Harvard-trained Dr Andrew Weill, is described as a ‘natural tranquilizer for the nervous system’ helping to quickly reduce tension and allowing the body to relax.

When I’m out of ideas of how to get to sleep, applying this method has always helped me personally.  The problem I find in this is that it usually annoys my wife, who’s asleep next to me, so I try and do this either before I go to bed, or if I’m in bed first.

No-Nos before you go to bed

  • Drinking alcohol.
  • No unnecessary physical exertions (this will hype you up).
  • Stay away from caffeine related products, like tea and coffee.  Caffeine is a stimulant and it doesn’t assist your mind to relax.
  • This also includes chocolate.
  • It’s not suggested that you spend the last few moments awake playing with electronics as this does nothing but interfere with your attempts to get a good sleep.  Something which you read, or watch, could stress you out during the vital moments of trying to relax enough to drop off.
  • Move anything away from your face which transmits light, and this includes your alarm clock.

Your surroundings play a vital role when trying to get some sleep

I can’t imagine myself trying to get any sleep with music playing in the distance, or a member of the family is watching a thriller in the next room. Being in a too hot or too cold environment doesn’t help either, and ideally, the room has to be in next to total darkness, and in silence.

It doesn't get any easier this hunt for a good sleep

Thank goodness, there are solutions for ALL the above, some of which I’ve actually used, and they really do work wonders.

If the room is noisy, simple Earplugs do the job quite nicely. 

If the room has too much light, a Sleep Mask turns out the light easily.  This particular one comes with earplugs, if you so wish.  Again, there is quite a variety to choose from, ranging from different colours, to shapes.

Being in total silence can have a negative side-effect as my mind will only wander, and stop me going to sleep once more.  This product might sound to be counter-productive, but it’s not in the least.  It’s a ‘White Noise Generator‘, which simply generates a soothing noise in the background, as opposed to TOTAL silence, and it also masks disturbing noises to allow you to have a better and richer sleep.  I’ve never actually tried this in itself.  I used something quite crude, but similar, with the same result.

Scented Pillows also help to get a better sleep.  There are a ton of pillows to choose from, ranging from different colours, shapes, and scents, depending on your tastes.

I sincerely hope that what I have gathered here helps you, like it has helped me, in one way or another with your sleeping, which is after all, so very essential for every living thing.

The above can be collectively referred to as ‘Sleep Hygiene’, but it’s not to be confused with any other type of hygiene, like washing and bathing.

Sleep Hygiene is really a set of habits which can be easily applied every time you prepare to get to sleep, and these will optimize your sleep a hundred-fold.

The beauty about this is that it can be applied by anybody, anywhere, and at any time of the night or day.

May your journey into the ‘Land of Nod’ be swift, pleasant, and refreshing.

Sweet Dreams…

6 thoughts on “Tips On A Good Sleep”

  1. Thanks for the tips on getting a better nights sleep. I had no idea there was such a thing as an actual natural sound machine. I have used headphones or bought cd’s with various sounds of nature to help relax and fall asleep. Good pointers on what to do and not do.

    • Hi. It’s amazing what’s out there, and so much yet to find out. I’ve used headphones in the past to be able to help me sleep. That was not so bad, but I think this white noise generator is much more versatile. Thanks for dropping by, and I appreciate your comment.

  2. James, I feel particularly close to this issue as some six months ago, after many attempts to sleep hygiene solutions, I had to recur to sleeping tablets prescribed by my doctor. I sincerely hope that anybody struggling to fall asleep may find the ultimate answer to their problem in your advice, as these sound suggestions are all naturally based. Unfortunately for me they didn’t work as I had an underlying problem related to anxiety.
    From experience, I would say if you tackle the issue at its early stages by adopting the above good practice rules you mention here, James, you will soon end up managing your sleeping pattern successfully for a restful and energy restoring night sleep.

    • Hi Giulia. Not getting enough sleep can have drastic effects on the body in the long run. I’m sorry you had to resort to sleeping tablets as I don’t like using pills whenever I can help it. However, at times, these are essential, like in your case. Suffering from anxiety doesn’t help anybody to get any decent sleep, so I understand perfectly your difficult situation.
      I have applied various methods of going to sleep following the advice in my post, and most of the time I do manage thank goodness. Yes, I do agree, that if the problem is tackled at its early stages, one will most certainly benefit from following the methods I laid out.
      Thanks for commenting, Giulia, and I hope that your sleeping habits are now much better.

  3. This is something I can definitely use. Though I do not have a problem falling asleep when I am tired, I do have a problem when I am not super tired and I need to get to sleep so I can get up when I have to.

    There are certain things that are out of my control, like having noisy neighbors upstairs that always seem to get louder when it is after 10 PM or when they decide to let their 7 year old run and jump around late at night.

    But I enjoyed that breathing technique by Dr. Weil. It is simple to do, requires nothing to buy, and I really think it helped me get back to sleep last night after trying it. I know that if this one simple technique continues to work for me, I will share it with everyone.

    Thank you James for this post and the various ways that can help people get the restful sleep they need. I am going to share this post with others.

    • Hi, Robert, I think getting a good sleep is something which everybody can use. Yes, I too at times have problems going to sleep, and the fact that I work on a shift system doesn’t help matters in the least.

      I know what you mean by noisy neighbours as I too have that problem, but trying to get some sleep when the whole neighbourhood is just waking up doesn’t quite do it for me.

      I’m glad you found something in this post which you can use. I have also tried Dr. Weill’s technique and true enough, it actually does work, which is wonderful. That is the reason why I decided to mention it in my post here, and as you say, one doesn’t need to buy anything.

      I hope this breathing technique continues to work for you, and you find it great to help you get to sleep better. It would be super brilliant if you do share this post, many thanks in advance.


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