Mosquito Repellent for Everybody

You will come to realize the reasons why you need to keep them as far away from you as you can.

The scary part is that there is more to it than a bite and the itching that follows.

I heard it from a distance, a faint buzzing noise of changing pitch, which seemed to be getting closer and closer…and closer still.

I was not enjoying that sound at all, for it meant that a flying creature of the undesirable kind was in the vicinity, keeping me company.  It was the type of company that I could do without, especially while I was drifting away into slumber.

It wasn’t the flying bloodsucker itself that was on my mind, or the drop of red essence going through my veins that I was about to lose to it.  Out of all the red liquid that runs through my entire being, ending up with a drop less wasn’t going to have any significant effect.

What was on my mind once this type of encounter takes place, once a drop of blood becomes food, was the incredible itching that would ensue.  I would have gladly donated a whole pint of my precious blood, in return for one good night’s rest…a luxury that was recently evading me.

Honing my ears in an attempt to get a bearing on this flying insect was proving to be worse than futile.

Mental images of a night-time aerial attack by invading enemy forces, while the defending ground crews hurriedly mustered their equipment, their guns of war, before becoming victims of such a deadly assault from the dark above, entered my drifting mind.   I wasn’t armed and didn’t have any equipment to deal with such a dilemma.


You really need one Mosquito repellent for everybody
Mosquito on skin

The only option left was to try and take cover as best as I could, with the hope that the aircraft would alter its course.  It might tune in to another target somewhere else, leaving me alone to carry on with my journey into the Land of Nod.

I had a leg exposed, but with one swift motion, this was once more under the sanctuary of the covers, removing one less item on the bloodsucker’s menu.   It felt safe leaving my nose exposed.

More mental images came to mind.  This time, of ships struck by a great storm out at sea.  The only guidance these had to help direct them to safety, came in the form of a bright shining light from a beacon.

Was my nose acting like such a beacon and instead of directing ships to safety, it was directing the airborne armada to its destination?

Waves of mosquitoes

Did the flying creature miss me this time?   Did it ignore my beacon?  Did it hone in on another target somewhere else?  Were my tactics working?  Or was it lying in wait, expecting reinforcements to arrive, and getting ready to dive down on me with all guns blazing when the moment was right?

There was no way of knowing, so I waited and listened.

Silence reigned once more

I heard my stomach rumble.  I felt hungry, and wondered if the creature’s stomach was rumbling as well.

When all seemed safe and the sensation of drifting away into oblivion was so near at hand, the creature from the dark made its move.

Loud high pitched noises hovered above my head from every angle possible.  Its tiny wings were moving the air, like a little fan, above my face and it felt fresh.   Its little body caressed my ear and the sound seemed deafening.  I was helpless against such an entity that prided itself on such advanced armaments.

I defended myself against a minute invisible foe using my upper limbs as huge rackets.  It was a daring raid.  Then, as quickly as it had started… it ended.  The outcome was unknown.

Silence enveloped the room one more time

Was the creature preparing for another assault?  Was it still hungry?  Was I one drop less of my red essence?  Was it going to alter its plan of attack?

The next morning, I opened my eyes as the light from the window brought me back into the land of the living.

I remembered the violent battle that had raged only a short while before.  I wondered if I was the loser in the battle and if I had become the prey.

Turning my head on my pillow, I noticed a drop of blood had soaked into the material.  Next to it was a little creature…a little body whose flying days were a thing of the past…

I sighed…I guess we both were losers in the dreadful battle that had taken place.

I had lost my drop of blood, the creature’s food, a drop of blood that I could have done without, and the creature had lost its life in an attempt to consume it…

Reality Check

What good is it using all the tips on falling asleep in my other article Tips on a Good Sleep, when you’re woken up by a little bloodsucker, intent on ruining your night for you?

Actually, there is quite a bit more to it than just a bite, and the itching, which is rather VERY scary.

Welcome to reality

I’m sure you’re familiar with this, but I thought I’d mention it again.

Mosquitoes don’t only attack humans!

These monsters also attack your cats and dogs!

A mosquito’s bite can have some serious consequences, with a list of diseases as long as my arm.  Some of the most common ones are:


This, if left untreated, can be lethal.  Its symptoms are fever, along with chills and flu-like illness.  In 2015, almost half a million people died from this, mostly children.  If you think that this disease only attacks third world countries, then think again.

The cases diagnosed, just in the US alone, reach 2,000 each year. 

Yellow Fever

Illness from Yellow Fever can either resolve itself on its own, with no long-term harmful effect on a person’s health, to severe liver disease with bleeding. 

In both these cases, it’s recommended to either getting vaccinated or to wear protective clothing.  Yet, I can’t see anybody wearing protective clothing when going to bed, and I don’t think normal bed outfits to keep these monsters off you are available.

An ideal solution to this problem is to use insect repellents.

Insect repellents can help reduce the risk of mosquito bites and avoid complications.  This is great, and even greater is the fact that these are cheap, and most are extremely effective.

There is a ton of different types of insect repellents to choose from.

While to some extent all are good, some are better than others.

Take those that work with electricity, for example, the UV mosquito repellent.  It’s ideal for bedrooms and nurseries.  Then, the Ultrasonic Pest Repellent ones, claimed to be good to repel mice, roaches, bugs, as well as spiders, apart from mosquitoes. 

I’ve never found an Ultrasonic which works, but perhaps I was just unlucky, or the mosquitoes in my house were deaf.  On a plus, these types of units don’t use any chemicals, which is worth noting.

Imagine this scenario – A hot and sticky night and everybody has their aircon on, while the these electric units keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Then, BOOM!!  The electricity supply goes off!  The downfall with these electrical units is that once you have a power-out, they will end up being useless!  So, off my list they go, but if you have a standby generator, then please be my guest to go through them.

Mosquito Repellent Coils and Insect Foggers are all well and good.  The downside to these is that they tend to choke me, so these are off my list too!  In any case, these are for outside use, so they aren’t much good to me.

Incense Sticks and Candles, especially the aromatic ones, are nice in themselves as they actually add a romantic aura to a room.  But, as a general rule, I don’t like to leave an open fire, especially while I’m asleep.  

These too can be crossed off.

Mosquito Nets are good, especially where it involves young children or babies.   Any form of repellent might prove to be a hazard to young people, and the best way to keep these kids safe is to keep the mosquitoes away from them. 

Patches and Bracelets tend to irritate me, which leaves Essential Oils and Sprays.

I’ve never purchased any Essential Oils to repel mosquitoes, but I have purchased Sprays, and in my books, these win hands-down every time.

Sprays are ideal as you apply the repellent on the exposed parts of your body, and the effect lasts for hours.  It’s important not to spray directly in your face as this can irritate your eyes, even if this is made out of natural ingredients.  Bear in mind that this liquid would be concentrated.  You should spray it on to your hands, then gently apply the liquid to your face afterward.

Consumers are strongly advised to follow the directions on the label of these insect repellents.

Children being children, they would only put their hands in their mouth.  They’d even poke their eyes if they apply the spray themselves.  As a precaution, only adults should handle this type of product and apply it to children.  This, after reading any health warnings on the label attached to the product.

warning sign mosquito repellent
Follow the instructions

Please note that Mosquito Repellents containing oil of lemon eucalyptus products should not be used on children under the age of three.  Other ingredients can be freely used without any age restriction.

Products containing DEET are approved for use on children and don’t have any age restriction on them.  Also, remember to store these products where children can’t reach them.  The source of this information is

To find out that a mosquito is the deadliest creature on Earth came as quite a shock. 

But, thanks to the information here, this creature will not get the chance to harm you, or your family, in any way, and that includes your pets.

Sleep well, and be safe!

2 thoughts on “Mosquito Repellent for Everybody”

  1. It is amazing and scary how these little creatures can wreak such havoc! You are right, the annoyance of trying to sleep with one buzzing in your ear through the night totally disrupts a good nights rest.

    Those of us living in Florida are very familiar with mosquitos, especially if you live inland near low lying water. I can recall nights when growing up, having to get out of bed and turn the lights on to hunt them down. Shaking everything from the bed covers to the curtains or chasing one in the air, smacking my hands together only to miss nearly every time.

    I agree the sprays (containing DEET) seem to work best. Now that we know the potential consequences of how deadly they can be, it is even more important to arm ourselves to keep them at bay!

    • Hi, yes it is amazing and scary how these almost invisible creatures can cause such huge problems. Having one buzzing around your ears when trying to get to sleep isn’t the best of noises to hear. Apart from becoming anxious, if you don’t do anything about it, you’ll end up losing a drop of your precious red essence to these monsters, and risk catching something off them.

      I used to do that too during the night, end up turning the lights on and do all that’s possible to hunt them down. It was quite a frustrating moment, and more so when you can’t find them, but only hear them again hovering over your head after a few moments of the lights going off again.

      Mosquitoes can be really deadly, and the figures stated show that more than necessary actions are needed to keep them off you as much as possible.

      Many thanks for your comment. I appreciate your taking the time to write it, and for dropping by.

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