Benefits of Having a Cat

The benefits of having a cat far outweigh the work this involves, that is why you really need one!

The benefits of having a pet cat are summed up as follows: “It’s healthy!”  According to research, cats can lighten up a person’s psychological and emotional sides.

There is nothing more pleasant than sitting in your favourite spot, preferably watching TV or reading a book, and petting your cat on your lap.  Even if the cat might be just next to you, sleeping, his presence still manages to create a sense of comfort and inner peace.

There are various benefits to the above setup.  The bond created between you and your independent and affectionate cat is so powerful, it actually improves your health.  This deep affection decreases stress as well as anxiety levels.  It also triggers the release of Oxytocin.  This hormone is known for inducing a sense of trust and love, similar to having a romantic partner.

Having a cat as a pet, leads to your living a better life, and it also brightens your home.

you really need one, a cat
Cats make great pets

Cats are special in themselves and have proved to be great companions, as well as friends.  Owners of cats don’t get lonely, stressed or depressed, and these pets are perfect for people who live a modern and hectic lifestyle.

Cats fill the void in the case of the elderly, or sick, especially more so if these people are living alone.  It gives these extraordinary people a sense of worthiness, of being needed, apart from boosting their confidence and builds their self-esteem.

Another benefit of people taking care of cats is that they feel optimistic, and it actually does enrich their life.  Feeling this way out, it also helps to get rid of shyness and hesitation.

There are many people who are cat-lovers.  By sharing stories or showing off your cat will also help you on the social plane.

Woman are attracted to men who own a cat

Having one often suggests a higher level of intelligence and sensitivity for a man.

Think again if you are not happy with the amount of fur your cat sheds in the house.    This tends to decrease the risk of allergies and asthma by building your resistance to allergens.

Studies show that the risk of stroke is decreased in the case of cat owners.  Also, people who own cats tend to have lower blood pressure.

You really need one, men and cats
Women are attracted to men who own a cat

Moments of grief are dealt with much easier when you have a pet.  Pets can’t answer back or judge you and your feelings.   All they do is remain quiet, enjoy being petted, and listen to you while you tell them what makes your heart so heavy.

If you have children, and they are feeling a bit under the weather, having a cat is a great therapy.  They are wonderful calming companions both for adults, as well as children.

In today’s busy and hectic lifestyle, where both parents have to work to try and make ends meet, they don’t always have enough time for their children.  This is more pronounced in the case of parents having a single child, with no brothers or sisters with whom to play with.

Living with rejection

You really need one, no rejection
A child learns the meaning of love

As a result of this solitude, the child can grow up feeling neglected, and unwanted, which will eventually lead to anxiety and even depression at such an early age.  According to statistics, one in eight children tends to have such disorders, which is quite alarming.

This is really sad, but it happens, even though some of us can’t imagine that a child can have these serious problems.  Thank goodness, these issues aren’t normally related to preteen children since their body hasn’t as yet developed the chemical changes to put them at risk.  The risks are greater after puberty.

Cats have proved to be the best possible therapy for young children suffering from anxiety and depression.  The healing powers cats possess is amazing.  It is recommended that a child, under these circumstances, is given a cat as a companion.  These felines offer uncomplicated and unconditional friendship and don’t ask or expect anything.  This is an ideal and simple relationship, which may very well help a child to make friends.  The pet cat is an ideal subject to talk about, and a friendship with other like-minded children is assured.

This friendship can even lead to inviting other children round to the house, to play with the cat.  The cat would also love all the attention it receives, so it’s a win-win situation for all.

Cats are low-maintenance

Being low-maintenance pets, cats are ideal in these situations, especially if you live in an area which isn’t really pet-friendly.

Cats are far from stupid, and quite happy to stay at home and enjoy the luxuries they find there.  Why should they want to go outside when they can find all they want under a safe roof?  In other words, apart from not having to take the cat for a walk like you need to with a dog, the cat also doesn’t want to go out.

For some reason, many may think that the best ‘therapy animal’ for a child, as well as for an adult, is a dog.  There is certainly no denying that dogs make wonderful companions, but they also come with a great deal of hard work and effort.  An effort, which many parents aren’t really ready to make, for various reasons.

you really need one, benefits of having a pet cat
Cats don't need much room

Having a child take care of his pet cat instills a sense of responsibility.  A cat needs attention as it needs to be fed, cleaned out, and played with.  These age-suitable jobs greatly help a child to grow up to be a better adult.  It makes them feel needed and appreciated.  It also gives them a sense of purpose and direction, which greatly benefits children with anxiety or depression.

Not ALL cats make great therapy cats

You really need one, benefits of a cat
Not all cats are ideal as therapy animals

Cats, just like dogs, can be certified as official therapy animals.  However, it is not a must to have a cat certified to be beneficial for somebody showing signs of anxiety or depression.

I do suggest that if you intend to adopt, or buy a cat for therapy purposes, to make sure that the cat has the right qualities for the ‘job’.  Not all cats have the same temperament.  While some can take almost anything you dish out at them, others are a bit touchy.  For the cat to qualify for this post, it has to be calm, social, and most of all, doesn’t mind being handled.

When somebody needs reassurance, a hug is a brilliant way of achieving that, and hugging a cat works wonders.   Handling a cat is a very important form of therapy to overcome anxiety or depression issues.   This won’t work if the cat doesn’t like being picked up, let along hugged.  So you can imagine how important it is to find a suitable cat.

Playing with a cat boosts a child’s mood.  It helps greatly by providing a distraction from all the negative things that tend to haunt a child’s mind.  Fortunately, there is a great choice of toys for cats.  If none are readily available, a piece of string with a fluffy thing tied at the end will keep both the cat and the child amused.

Tell us about any experiences you may have come across with cats helping people in similar situations.



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